sktools (skattertools)

sktools is a PowerShell module that provides a web interface to view and manage Active Directory and System Center Configuration Manager. It’s an ongoing project. It is built with PoSHServer, a PowerShell web service. The goal was to get to a 1.0 state with the basic features of the following, and then building on from there.

Last updated for version 1902.7.1


  • Active Directory
    • AD users, security groups, computers
    • AD sites and site links
    • AD Forest configuration
    • AD Domain configuration
    • AD Organizational Unit (OU) explorer
    • Custom AD reports
  • Configuration Manager
    • Assets and Compliance
      • Devices and Users
      • Device and User Collections
    • Software
      • Applications
      • Packages
      • OS Images and OS Upgrade Packages (v)
      • Boot Images (v)
      • Software Updates (v)
      • Task Sequences (v)
      • Scripts (v)
    • Monitoring
      • Site and Component Status dashboard
      • Site and component status details (v)
      • Queries
      • Software Inventory
      • Deployment Status Summary
      • Application Assignments
      • Custom Reports
    • Database Features
      • SQL Server status
      • Database Recovery Model
    • Sites
      • Discovery Methods
      • AD Forest Publishing Status
      • Boundary Groups and Boundaries
      • Distribution Points
      • Summary and Maintenance Tasks
      • Certificates
    • and more!

Items with (v) above indicate they are at a very basic level of capability. These items will be expanded upon incrementally (as time permits).

Installation and Configuration

To install sktools:

[1] Open a PowerShell console using “Run as Administrator”. This will be used for installing and importing the PowerShell module, and then launching the web service.

[2] Type the commands below and press Enter. The third command creates a default configuration settings files as “sktools.txt” in your Documents folder (e.g. %USERPROFILE%\documents or $env:USERPROFILE\documents)

[3] Open the sktools.txt file in a text editor and modify the settings to suit your environment (Configuration Manager SQL host, SMS provider host, and site code). The theme setting is either “stlight.css” or “stdark.css”, for now.

Install-Module sktools
Import-Module sktools

[4] Type the following command to start the web service…


[5] After the module is loaded and shows a stupid joke punchline indicating it’s ready, proceed.

[6] Open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080 and enjoy!

NOTE: sktools uses another module called dbatools, for most of the database-related features and tasks. For most users, the install-module step will also install the dbatools module. If it does not, simply use the install-module statement to install dbatools as well.