CMWT 2017.02.22.01 Posted

UPDATE: Build 2017.02.22.01 Posted

This is an interim update for specific files only:

  • global.asa (version stamp updated)
  • clients.asp (fixed default sort on computer name)
  • confirm.asp (fixed redirect URL bug)
  • reports.asp (fixed heading)
  • sqlrepdel.asp (added to fix missing delete/confirmation form)

If you don’t have CMWT installed, download the full installer and follow the instructions provided in the installation guide (under the “/docs” folder within the ZIP file):

If you have CMWT installed and just want to update to the newest build, just download the individual files which are newer than what you have, and copy them into the root directory where CMWT is configured:

Known Issues

  • The home page may show incorrect site summary information when CMWT is configured on a CAS host.  This will be fixed soon, but updates are still in testing.  Thanks to Larry for reporting this!
  • The Client Summary report (linked from Site Hierarchy) may show duplicate “No Client” rows.  This because it’s grouping by the Resource ID and it is splitting between those with a Resource ID and those without (unknown computers)

Please keep the feedback coming!

6 Things to Avoid when Building an SCCM Site System


These are based on actual, real, true events, which I’ve been asked to help resolve in some capacity over the past three weeks:

  1. Do not let someone create your VM using an unknown template which contains leftover remnants of a previous SCCM site installation, and dozens of unknown changes for which the site admin has no knowledge what happened.
  2. Do not let someone create your VM and join it to an AD domain under an OU with a bunch of linked GPO’s which are undocumented.
  3. Do not let your boss approve another department’s request to take ownership of your SCCM SQL Server instance without prior discussion or them being advised as to what SCCM is.
  4. Do not let another engineer start building the site before you’ve provided him/her with the design document.  Especially when it includes Intune integration and they go ahead and set Intune as it’s own MDM authority, without discussing anything with you in advance.
  5. Do not recommend an SCCM site installation to a customer after a sales person insisted it was the “perfect fit” for their 10 desktop computers, when all they wanted was to manage software updates.
  6. Do not recommend to a customer that they’re fine with allowing their Primary site server VM, running on a Hyper-V failover cluster, to fail over another node, on another cluster, on another continent.

CMWT 2017.01.02.01 (interim)

Not a ZIP download yet.  Just raw files posted in the CMWT GitHub repo for now.



  • Reports: Device Logins
  • Software: OS Images
  • Software: Automatic Deployments
  • Software: Deployment Summary: All and Brief (2 views)
  • Site: Windows Store for Business configurations

Bug Fixes

  • AD User / referenced a 404 link
  • Cleaned up function CMWT_AutoLink()

Thank you for the feedback!  Please keep it coming!

(the answer to the question is: because it works just fine)

SCCM Query: Devices by IP Gateway


While working on a project involving IP subnet reassignments and SCCM site boundaries, and factoring in the HW inventory scan cycles, with the nature of roaming vs. fixed device types, along with the phase of the moon, current stock market index, the daylight saving time offset, the menstrual cycles of our local male politicians, and my dog’s sleep patterns, I found this to be somewhat useful in tracking down stray devices.

WHERE [IPEnabled0]=1
GROUP BY DefaultIPGateway0

Notes from the Field: Windows Server 2016


So far, I’ve completed quite a few in-place upgrades to System Center Configuration Manager “current branch”.  However, more recently, I’ve stepped into quite a few upgrades to SQL Server 2016 and Windows Server 2016.  Some of those included SCCM hosts, AD Domain Controllers, Hyper-V hosts, and SQL Server hosts. Here’s some quick notes:

  • Hyper-V hosts: shutdown all guests.  If you don’t have backups, make them now or use the Export feature (which can be slow as hell).
  • If you get an error trying to invoke the setup.exe from a mounted ISO, restart the host and try it again.  In fact, prior to any upgrade, shut down all applications cleanly and do a standard shutdown/restart and wait a few minutes before starting the upgrade process.
  • NIC teams have to be removed/broken prior to the upgrade from 2012 or 2012 R2.
  • SCEP clients have to be uninstalled (if installed already).  If you’re using another AV product, shut it off and uninstall it prior to the upgrade.  Then reinstall later if necessary.
  • When upgrading an AD Domain Controller or member server which has RSAT ADDS tools installed, you will need to remove the “Identity Management for UNIX components” role service prior to the upgrade.
  • I recommend transferring FSMO roles to other DC’s while each is being upgraded, but you can skip this if you have a high testosterone level and a fat bank account.
  • If you’re using a vanilla ISO to perform the upgrade, and it’s now January 2017, and you haven’t obtained a patched version, expect 40-60 minutes of updates and several restarts along the way.
  • After the upgrade is done, if you had NIC teams and either continue without them, or recreate them, some Hyper-V guests may display an error when trying to start them which indicates a lack of permissions on the network interface.  To resolve, open the settings, (or use PowerShell), change the NIC association, click Apply, then change it back and click Apply.  The guest should start fine afterwards.
  • SQL Server hosts, double check the service configurations (accounts, start modes, etc.)  Verify them after the upgrade as well.

So far, so good.

CMWT 2016.12.29

Bug Fixes

  • Task Sequences report had a query strung out on meth.
  • Task Sequence detail view was on crack, and meth.
  • Task Sequence History was passed out drunk.
  • Client Summary report couldn’t sort it’s way out of a wet paper bag.
  • The CMWT_DB_TableGridFilter function was shooting Drano in an alley but you probably didn’t even know it existed, which is probably why it was feeling so down that it felt the need to escape reality, but Drano was all it could find in a dumpster.

New Features

  • Task Sequence detail view has a “History” and “Detailed” report of execution results.
  • Component Status Summary report was kidnapped in a white van, bound with zip ties, duct tape and snuffed with a rag soaked in something my dog couldn’t keep down.  A red van pulled up behind it, and dropped off a new report with a better haircut that answers questions as “yes, I’m the same guy.  even though I don’t look anything like the other guy, but it’s okay”.
  • Ola Hallengren’s SQL Server Maintenance Solution (as wonderfully demonstrated by Steve Thompson) is now supported for the CommandLog table via the Site Hierarchy page “CM Monitor Commands” (this requires a new line in the _config.txt file – see details below)

Change to _Config.txt

  • If you intend to use the SQL Maintenance Solution (and you should), and would like to use the web report to see the command log details, you will need to copy the line that starts with “DSN_CMDB~” and make two changes to the new line:
    • Rename the new “DSN_CMDB” to “DSN_CMM”
    • Change “Database=CM_xxx” to “Database=CMMonitor”
    • Be careful NOT to modify your existing DSN_CMDB line
    • You may need to recycle the IIS application pool


  • Go here and download
  • New Installations:
    • Follow the Installation Guide (in the Docs subfolder within the ZIP file)
  • Existing Installations / Upgrade:
    • Back up your _config.txt file
    • Extract ZIP into CMWT folder (overwrite files)
    • Restore your _config.txt file
    • Done!


New CMMonitor Command Log view


New Component Status Summary view

Latest CMWT Build Updates


CMWT 2016.12.13.01 includes the following updates:

Thank you to all who have submitted feedback!  Keep it coming! 

  • A new SQL query / report builder
    • Select Form options and Build – or –
    • Paste SQL code from SQL Management Studio
    • Save, Run, Edit, Delete
  • Task Sequence browsing and log history viewing
  • Updated home page (dashboard) with site and component status counts
  • Collection Tools: Members Copy / Move
  • Filtering Updates by Severity, BulletinID, and ArticleID
  • Improved Site Status and Component Status viewing
  • Improved Site Log Browsing and Log Viewing
  • Improved Site Server (Windows Services) status viewing

Still in Development

  • Client Actions
  • Client Tools
  • Collection Actions
  • Collection Tools
  • Expanded Universal Search
  • Expanded Note Attachments


  • Go Here and grab “”

New Installation

  • Extract the contents
  • Read the installation guide (PDF) under “docs” for more


  • Back up your “_config.txt” file
  • Extract the ZIP contents into the CMWT folder
  • Restore your “_config.txt” file
  • Drink up!


  • How much does it cost?  Nothing
  • Do I have a life? No
  • Does this provide some weird twisted kind of therapeutic value to you?  Sadly, yes.