crazy_crash_30I am a consultant systems engineer / architect, with 25 years of work in the IT field.  I consult on IT things.

I’ve worked in both large and small organizations.  Public and secretive. Full-time and contracted.  Thankfully, I never worked for the place that uses this parking garage.  Although, I have been known park like the red car at bottom left on occasion.

Software architecture, engineering, development, deployment, maintenance, licensing, inventorying, crying, whining, moaning, bitching and laughing.  Usually while consuming large quantities of caffeinated stuff with sugar and powdered creamer stuff stirred-in.

Systems infrastructure.  Vendor relations.  Reseller relations. Projects. Teams.  Meetings, meetings, meetings, more meetings, meetings about meetings to have more meetings. Meetings and meatings and meatings with beatings.  I do not like green eggs and ham.  I do not like status meetings and ham.

Anyhow, my goal is to question and vent.  It’s relaxing.


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