Who’s on First.

Setup: A doctor, a lawyer, and a cloud engineer, having a conversation over drinks.

“I have a sore.”

“You have a S.O.A.R.?”

“No, a sore.”

“Oh. I thought you mean a Security, Orchestration and Response.”

“That’s dumb. Everyone knows it means SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery!”

“Secure Socket Interface?”

“No. It’s related to helping people on SSA.”

“My nephew is a member of SSA.”

“Member? You mean employee, right?”

“No. Seismological Society of America. He’s a geologist by trade.”

“Oh geez, you guys. Talk about SSDD!”

“I bought a Samsung SSDD. I got a good deal on it online.”

“Ted. That’s shame shit, different day! I didn’t know you could buy one of those.”

“Oh. I thought you mean an SSD device.”

“Anyhow, what kind of sore?”

“Not really A sore, but I have a sore knee.”

“You should see a doctor for that.”

“Like a DO?”

“Delivery Optimization?”

“What’s that?! I mean a Doctor of Osteopathy! Geez!”

“Speaking of. Did any of you guys happen to catch that update on MCAS?”

“Wait. Microsoft Cloud App Security or Marine Corps Air Station?”

“No. Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. My cousin has it.”

“What was the news?”

“He was accepted into a phase 1 trial for a new study they’re doing out at MCAS Cherry Point”

“Wait. So he’s doing an MCAS study at an MCAS?”

“I know, right?”

“So, confusing.”

“I heard the Corps is moving to the cloud and using MCAS.”

“MCAS is using MCAS for an MCAS study?”

“Just stop it.”

“Is there an acronym for acronym?”

“I think it’s ‘acro’, but don’t quote me.”

“Hey, Bob. What do you know about SMS?”

“You mean SMS texting, Springfield Middle School, or Safety Management System?”

“Uh, no. I’m talking about a Security Monitoring System.”


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