Great Moments in IT History


  • “UUEncoding is so cool! You can download an entire JPEG in only 30 minutes!”
  • “Let me tell you, 2400 baud is where it’s at. The Jetson’s are now, baby!”


  • “OMG! you need to dump AOL and join CompuServe! It’s the best thing ever! It’ll be around forever!”
  • “No, Prodigy is where the future is”


  • “OMG! you have to try ColdFusion! It’s the best thing ever! It’s here to stay!”


  • “OMG! the new Blackberry is rocking! There’s nowhere to go from here with this perfect phone!”
  • “The only search engine that will be around in ten years is Excite or AltaVista”
  • “No, Yahoo! will outlast all of them.”


  • “OMG! ASP web pages are the ultimate! And this VB6 just blows everything else away! Last programming language you will EVER need to learn!”
  • “ColdFusion is the future.”


  • “OMG! I just got my Novell certification! Now I have my WordPerfect, FoxPro AND dBase certs! Woo hoo! I’m set for life!”
  • “Holy pig squeeling shit!!!! Did you know that when 2000 arrives all our computers will implode?!!! We have to spend a metric shit-ton of $$$ on preventing this impending doom!!”


  • “OMFG! Have you seen the latest Sun Sparcstations?! Windows NT doesn’t have a future, trust me!”
  • “No way. SGI is where my money is.”


  • “Hey, what happened with all that Y2K stuff?”
  • “Oooh, the Internet market is the future. No way it could crash now!”


  • “Facebook is never going to take off. Dumb idea”
  • “Twitter is never going anywhere either.”


  • “A touch screen phone? Stupidest idea ever! Who would ever NOT want a real keypad?!”
  • “I’m telling you, Real Estate investments simply CANNOT FAIL. I’m advising everyone to buy buy buy!!”


  • “Sun Microsystems is a name that will be around long after Microsoft, Google and Apple are gone”


  • “A ‘ride-sharing’ business is stupid. Who would ever not want to use a taxi or a bus?!”


  • “The Cloud is all a silly fad. It’ll be forgotten in a year or two.”


  • “Letting employees work from home is a bad idea. Nothing will get done. Businesses will collapse immediately just from that alone.”


  • (let’s just skip past that, mmmkay?)


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