Q. What aspect of the Internet do you feel is undervalued and under-used by most people?

Jon Szewczak

The ability to stream video and audio over thousands of miles so that personal communication can be made easier. So many people avoid face to face, and so the ability to video call is hardly ever taken advantage of by the mainstream population.

Stephen Owen

Interactivity with authors and developers. People who write or those who produce code for a living share their work for free on GitHub or elsewhere, and they more often than not have contact forms. Use them! I’ve gotten so much help over my career by asking people politely, and being appreciative of their hard work.

Julie Andreacola

Undervalued – YouTube how to videos, we have saved thousands of dollars by watching how to do something (like remodel a kitchen, wire a switch, etc) How did we survive before YouTube?

Johan Arwidmark

Twitter 🙂


Common Sense

Rob Spitzer

This is probably not so much “under-used” as it lost “lost” but I really miss the openness of the original Internet. While many modern things like social networks, IM, etc. are great, I hate the fact that they are walled gardens.

Chris DeCarlo

IPv6. That’s hands down the most undervalued and under-used by near everyone in relation to the internet.

Rod Trent

I think the most undervalued and under-used aspect of the Internet is the second and third mouse click. There’s an enormous amount of information on the Internet and the majority of it is bunk. If people would just click a few more times instead of believing (and sharing) the first piece of information they are presented, our society would be so much better off. I mean how lazy have we become when reading just one more piece of contrasting information to get the full picture is too much work?

Ami Casto

Trying to think of a good way to say fact checking or brain using section. As opposed to the easy access and often paid to be placed content.  Yeah I think that’s my final answer. Stop using the internet to find the answer you want and use it to find the actual answer.

Nicke Kallen

I used to think blogs, but twitter is the exchange. For some reason – its the way to have a genuine conversation. Unfortunately, its also a method to have negative conversations and therefore people sometimes miss the valuable talks.

Arnie Tomasosvky

Interesting question. The more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that the answer in my case would be “(proper) searching for information”. I am older than the modern Internet and I was lucky to experience it since its infancy (dial up modems :D). I can say, almost everyone was using it for either communication or hunting for information.

Due to becoming mainstream and available, young generation uses it only for shallow things or few lines info that come and go. If you ask a younger generation a question, you might get an answer like “I dunno, Google it”. As I grew up with Google search operators, finding a proper info can be fairly easy. I do know a few things in general and remember them, so I do not need to google every single thing. But can it be said the same about other/younger generation on the internet? Hardly. Internet offers many options and possibilities, yet it is generally reduced to cats, meal pics, selfies and trash talk… So sad.




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