Your Name: Drew Burt / aka @DareDevelOPS

Official Job Title: Data Center Operations Engineer

Functional role: Server Windows/Linux and Storage Operations (SAN) Virtualization operations

Home town: Chattanooga, TN


1. Describe what you do for a living – to someone who has no idea what it means.

ME: I engineer, operate and monitor the infrastructure layers that serve the enterprise information management needs.

Them: The F*ck?
ME: I Fix computers for a big company.
Them: Oh hey can you look at …
Me: Well F*ck SMH…. Sure.

2. What aspect or area of technology are you most excited about?

PowerShell and automation.

3. What gives you the most satisfaction from your job today?

Seeing point-and-click admins figure out coding really isn’t that hard.

4. Name the 3 most inspiring people in your life or career?

My Granny for my love of reading and personal Character.
My Last Supervisor in the Air Force Rod for trying to smooth My Aggressive Beast. I repeat the Mantra Flies, Honey not vinegar catch more you will.
Mr. Mike Corum for restoring my faith in God and making me realize i’m not as smart as I think I am and others are smarter than they think they are.

5. What 3 books, movies, or other works, have influenced or inspired you the most?

“Surely you must be Joking Mr. Feynman” – Richard Feynman
Mastering Windows NT – Mark Minasi
The Great Brain (series) – John D. Fitzgerald

6. You just stepped out of a time machine in 1100 AD in London or Rome. You have a smartphone in your hand and you demonstrate some of the apps and games to people around you. What happens next?

I get a massive bill for cross time data roaming? How they got e-mail through I’ll never know. Like a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s court, I become a wizard the regular Merlyn.

7. What new or promising technology do you see that can’t get here soon enough?

Quantum Computing. Barring that memory area networks and CPU Area networks all over over infiniband to complete the triumvirate.

8. Do you think the continuous evolution of automation will result in there being very few full time human workers? And if so, what do think people will do?

I think automation will enable humans to perform more valuable work. I think the nature of work will change, hopefully it will enable people to focus on more value driven pursuits. And work life balance as you work only when you’re notified.

9. There’s never enough___

Fried bologna egg and cheese sandwiches.

10. There’s way too much___

Ego and self interest among individuals and groups.

11. What’s something that you wish you could change in your field of work? (Good or bad)

Not made here syndrome. I’d remove the silos and communication barriers between functions. Basically, try to improve the organizational dysfunction between teams. I don’t think we have tech problems I think we have meatware problems.

12. If you could go back in time to sit down with your younger self at, say, 15 years old, what advice would give yourself?

  • Be healthier
  • Focus on your interests and learn who you really are.
  • Don’t be a shithead
  • Think less do more.

13. You just stepped out of a time machine in 2050 in a major city. What 3 technology gadgets do you see people using around you?

[a] Wearable that monitors your health and all other life metrics. It guides you in work life balance. It’s cloud connected you were sent home from the hospital with it as a baby.

Opticon optix latest generation of connected lenses, allows [the] user to have an immersive VR experience at any time. Games GPS maps uses your brain as a storage device.

iDrone overwatch personal protection AI drone also delivers all online shopping goods.

14. You’ve been given the power to bring 2 people back to life from any time in history, for one full day only. Who would they be, and why?

Richard Feynman: Theoretical Quantum Mechanics Get a better understanding of the next generation of science. He was a great teacher who was not caught up in his own fame. He suffered the loss of his wife whom he truly loved, and still made great contributions, while never remembering his first duty to her.

Thomas Jefferson: As one of the founders of the country I’d like get his take on what they were really trying to accomplish. Expose him to the Nation State he helped create and see if we are on or off track with the founders vision. Also any pointers he might give to correct perceived flaws.

15. What would you like to accomplish in the next 5 years, personal or professional?

Personally Happiness and self forgiveness
Professionally Automate all the things!


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