I’m so tired of listening to neighbors, in-laws, relatives, even strangers at large, bash the IT community,  as being a bunch of “stupid nerds” every time their laptop gets infected with some bad stuff. The jokes. The snarky comments. The condescension (“I’ll have  you know that I have an MBA!” or “I build cranes for a living!” – so what. We have to listen to you all day) 

Even more annoying is after hearing someone jaw-jacking about us “nerds”, and then they try to put on the sad puppy face when they need help setting up their new ink jet printer from Costco, or they can’t figure out the self-configuring Wi-Fi router.
Lately, it’s about the ransomware attacks. Spora, WannaCry, and Petya. Followed by “that’s why I have a MacBook. You know, they’re *impossible* to hack“) News flash: most non-techie folks don’t need to be “hacked”. We can either guess your stupid basic password,  or read if from the sticky note on your desk, usually under the keyboard or on the back of your family photos from that Disney vacation. Geez. At least try to be creative. 

How about taking some responsibility for the stuff you buy and use? Stop clicking on stupid links and surfing porn. Update your software. Keep the OS patched. Keep your firewall turned on. Keep your anti-virus up to date, and use it often. Keep copies of your important files in the cloud. Don’t share thumb drives. Wear a condom. Look both ways when crossing a street. 

And stop blaming Microsoft, when there is proof they released a patch months or years before. You were too lazy, or drunk, to be bothered with maintaining another contraption. As if your car takes care of itself forever. Don’t have time to patch and reboot? Then you’ll have plenty of time while paying bitcoin to get your files back. And wait til it locks you out of your bank, email, Facebook and Instagram. 

To quote Jamie Fox, from Jarhead: “Fuck. ..  that.”

To all the consumer folk that don’t bash their IT brethren, this isn’t aimed at you. This is aimed at the douchey makers of snarky comments, and the media that fosters that puke-flavored view. 

Stop blaming “nerds” for getting hacked while you were clicking on yet another link like “5 ways to grow your penis!”,  or “You’ll never guess what this TV actor looks like now!”. You do know what click bait means? 

If you don’t know how it works, get some help. If you can’t learn to use it, maybe you shouldn’t be using it. Regardless, whatever your profession or unemployment status may be, stick to what you know and we’ll stick to what we know.  

We’re always glad to help, but please be professional about it. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll be glad to plant some kiddie porn on your device and notify Chris Hansen. 

Thank you 🙂 


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