If you need an introduction for this guy, you’re reading the wrong blog.  That, or you don’t know what Microsoft Windows is.  From a personal aspect, Johan represents a particular sense of reality.  For example, when I start getting full of myself at work, I tune into a video, blog post or crack open one of his books, and get a fresh dose of, “sit down junior, you still have a lot to learn.

It’s been about 4 years since I last had the chance to bug him. And considering his crazy schedule, I was lucky enough to get him to agree to the following 15-question “interview”.  Anyhow, let’s go…


Name: Johan Arwidmark

Job Title: Chief Technology Officer

Home town: Halmstad, Sweden

1. Describe what you do for a living – to someone who has no idea what it means.

Shorthand: I’m a computer geek. – Longer version: I help organizations implement automated solutions to deliver software (apps, operating systems, etc.) to computers. I also produce training content on the same topic.

2. What aspect or area of technology are you most excited about?

OS Deployment

3. What gives you the most satisfaction today?

Being able to combine consulting, training and authoring work with a decent amount of travelling.

4. Name the 3 most inspiring people in your life or career?

Mark Minasi, Michael Niehaus and Steve Jobs

5. What 3 books, movies, or other works, have influenced or inspired you the most?

Apollo 13 (the movie), Awaken the Giant Within (book), and A Beautiful Mind (movie)

6. Virtual Reality gear, or Augmented Reality gear. Which will see wide-spread public use first, and why?

VR, it is already here, and is backed by the gaming industry.

7. What new or promising technology do you see that can’t get here soon enough?

Cheap, shiny, computer hardware.

8. Do you think the general process of deploying operating systems and software will ever become so automated or simple that the need for customization will become extremely rare? If so, how soon?

Eventually, yes, but probably 15-20 years down the road.

9. There’s never enough…


10. There’s way too much…


11. Whats some thing that you wish you could change in the IT field? (Good or bad)

I would like see more talented women to consider a future in the field of technology.

12. In the future do you see major tech vendors divesting more, or less, of their customer-facing services to partners? Will it vary by service type? How and why?

Software services scale out well via partners, hardware sales, not so much.

13. How do you feel about the importance of college degrees, and certifications as it pertains to IT careers? Do those credentials mean as much, or more, than they use to?

Technically, for the job itself, they do very little. But a degree may be required to get a job because of policies, or at least it will put your application in front of others.

14. Will most people still be using desktop computers in 2022? Why or why not?

Mini-computers yes, like a media-PC at home, etc. Intel NUCs etc.

15. If you could transport yourself back to ancient times, like say the 1100’s AD, somewhere in Europe, and you brought along a Surface Book (with a full battery charge), and you turned it on and used it in a room full of town locals, what do you think would happen?

I would be hanged, roasted on fire, been drowned, have my head chopped off, or a combination of all 🙂

There’s more…

Deployment Research

Channel 9 videos

Blog Posts at TrueSec

Books: Amazon

YouTube videos

Conferences (past/present/future): Microsoft TechEd and Ignite, MMS, IT Dev Connections, more (just search his name)


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