CMWT 2016.12.13.01 includes the following updates:

Thank you to all who have submitted feedback!  Keep it coming! 

  • A new SQL query / report builder
    • Select Form options and Build – or –
    • Paste SQL code from SQL Management Studio
    • Save, Run, Edit, Delete
  • Task Sequence browsing and log history viewing
  • Updated home page (dashboard) with site and component status counts
  • Collection Tools: Members Copy / Move
  • Filtering Updates by Severity, BulletinID, and ArticleID
  • Improved Site Status and Component Status viewing
  • Improved Site Log Browsing and Log Viewing
  • Improved Site Server (Windows Services) status viewing

Still in Development

  • Client Actions
  • Client Tools
  • Collection Actions
  • Collection Tools
  • Expanded Universal Search
  • Expanded Note Attachments


  • Go Here and grab “CMWT-2016-12-13-01.zip”

New Installation

  • Extract the contents
  • Read the installation guide (PDF) under “docs” for more


  • Back up your “_config.txt” file
  • Extract the ZIP contents into the CMWT folder
  • Restore your “_config.txt” file
  • Drink up!


  • How much does it cost?  Nothing
  • Do I have a life? No
  • Does this provide some weird twisted kind of therapeutic value to you?  Sadly, yes.

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