This is going to be random, so I hope you can bear with me…

Goals: CMWT is not intended to replace the SCCM console for all uses.  It’s aimed at offloading features to a web interface where it makes sense:  both from a functional (daily chores) aspect, and a development aspect (clean code, no negative impact)

Problems? What Problems?

Several people are still having problems with the DSN connection values in the _config.txt file.  Be sure the DSN is formatted correctly.  It should work on its own as well.  For example, you can use the Windows ODBC editor to configure the DSN and then copy the string result directly into the _config.txt file.

Don’t worry about bothering me.  You’re not bothering me.

If you have lingering problems getting CMWT to work, let me know.  Send me your _config.txt file (strip out the password info, please) to ds0934 (at) gmail (dot) com / with subject “CMWT Support” and I will respond ASAP.  If it takes me more than a few hours, it’s probably because I’m working on a customer engagement (most often), or I’m sick (not very often), asleep (I doubt that), having sex (I doubt that too), fighting off terrorists (okay, only while I’m sleeping), or staring at something with a blank expression, trying to outdo my cat.  But I usually respond in less than a 24-hr day.

Alternatives = Opportunities

I was made aware that other people and businesses have products and utilities to interface with Configuration Manager via a web medium of sorts.  That’s great!  That means there’s at least “some” interest in this idea, so unless I hear a majority saying to stop what I’m doing, I’ll continue on.  If for nothing else, it will keep me busy on a hobby until Spring arrives.

Feedback is Great!

I need feedback.  CMWT feedback, that is.  Don’t worry about pestering me or offending me.  I was born a pest.  I’ve been told that many times throughout the years.  So, if a CMWT feature needs more work, I need to know.  If it’s great, I’d like to know.  And if it sucks, I also need to know.

If you think an idea is so ridiculous to suggest that it would offend me, think again.  I live in the ridiculous.  Every day I swim through a sea of ridiculous, up a river of crazy, onto a shoreline of insanity.  Damn, I should’ve written a song for that.  Hmmmm.

Constraints = Focus

I’m one person.  I don’t have a lot of money, and I have a day job that squeezes my time pretty hard.  Some have asked “why do it?”  The answer is “because I like writing code”.  More specifically, because I came from the CAD/CAM/CAE world of software development: I enjoy writing code that produces visual results.

Reinventing Wheels

A wheel is not a wheel.  There are wheels on toy wagons, wheels on big trucks, and wheels on airplanes.  I don’t mind working on a wheel for a new purpose, but not the same purpose for which there’s already a wheel.  However, just because there’s a solution for one scenario, doesn’t mean it cannot (or should not) be developed for another scenario where it doesn’t already exist.

Was that vague enough?  Do I need to clarify that pontification a bit more?  Hmmm… I’d rub my chin, but it’s sore from rubbing it all day today.  Maybe I pontificate too much?  I probably do.  Which is why I start blabbering nonsense about wheels on toy wagons and so on.


So, with all this glue-sniffing psycho-babble out of the way, let’s see where this goes on this third (yes, that’s right, third) time around the block with this crazy idea.  If you want in, jump in.  Share some thoughts.  Make this beneficial to YOU, and who knows, maybe your ideas will make it helpful to others too.  I just like writing some code that does something to help make less work of an already-tough day at the office.

Thank you! 🙂


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