Version 1611 / Build 2016.12.05.01


Changes / Updates

  1. Added Global Search feature
  2. Added Installed Software Applications Inventory browsing
  3. Added Client Summary Reports
  4. Added Database Index Fragmentation Report
  5. Added Database Index Defragmenting
  6. Added Console Event Logging
  7. Added Console Event Log Management
  8. Added VM Hosts Report
  9. Added Software Files and Duplicate Files reports to Device details page
  10. Added Deployments and Deployments Summary
  11. Numerous bug fixes to the following:
    1. global.asa
    2. default.asp
    3. cmcx.asp
    4. _core.asp
    5. collection.asp

How to Obtain the Update

How to Install the Update (existing CMWT users)

  1. Make a copy of your _config.txt file as a backup
  2. Extract the ZIP file into the CMWT folder and overwrite all the files and sub-folders
  3. Copy your _config.txt back into the installation folder

How to Install the Update (new CMWT users)

  • Follow the instructions in the Installation Guide, which is included in the “/docs/” sub-folder inside the ZIP file.

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