Thank you for all the kind words and responses!  I’m really surprised and humbled at the same time.  I realize that there are still some rough edges in the current build, which I’m working on and will post as soon as I can.

I really do want to thank Chris DeCarlo for helping me beat this thing with a baseball bat to see if it could still walk away.  He helped me quickly nail down some problems that needed fixing before it was ready.


I’d like to take a minute to provide some answers and responses to questions and comments I’ve received thus far…

Known Issues

  • The SQL connection error upon starting CMWT is due to a bug in the global.asa file.  There’s a line near the top that shows Const ConfigFile = “F:\CMWT\_config.txt” which should be replaced with ConfigFile = Server.MapPath(“_config.txt”)
  • The CMWT log features linked from Administration, may not show much yet.  The next build turns that feature on, which is explained below.
  • Nested AD domains will require modifying the _config.txt key assignments for LDAP paths.  For example, the default shows dc=<<DOMAIN>>,dc=<<DOMSUFFIX>>, but if your domain is something like, then you’ll need to add/insert another dc=<<DOMAIN>>, or “dc=sales,dc=contoso,dc=com”.

Upcoming Features

  • CMWT Event Logging, is intended to capture activity such as enabling or disabling AD user accounts, modifying AD user groups, adding and removing SCCM collection members, and so on.
  • Database Index Fragmentation report will be in the next build.  I also have a defrag option (manual, not scheduled), but that needs more testing.  Right now it’s kind of a shotgun blast and may not be efficient enough for real benefit.  The SQL statement I’m using is:
    “EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command1=””print ‘?’ DBCC DBREINDEX (‘?’, ‘ ‘, 80)””;”  The downsides so far are the excessive processing time (when the overall fragmentation aspect is more than 50% above 60%, which I admit is my own fault, but not at all uncommon at customer sites I visit), and the results may not bring the aspect down to 0%, but still improves to around 15%.
  • Collection Tools – which was in a much older version, was removed.  I will be working on putting it back, hopefully soon.

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