It was born, and then it died.  Then it was hooked up to 4 billion gigawatts and fed intravenous Red Bull, while being dunked into a tank of sub-zero liquid holy shittium, and thawed under a slow-roaster (the kind they use at Sam’s Club for those awesome roasted chickens, oh my…. I’m starving, but I must push onward…)

Thanks to having a few days off (been a long time), and the generous help of a few friends, like the uber-genius Chris (check out his blog too), I was able to get this ball moving again.

CMWT is a web interface for System Center Configuration Manager.  That’s right, a portal.  It’s not intended to entirely replace the existing console.  It’s focused on the SCCM daily chores.  Not limited to a desktop installation.  Access it from any device that has a web browser and access to the web host.  Tablet.  Phone.  Whatever.

Speaking of phone/mobile, it doesn’t yet have a mobile-friendly interface (small screens), but I’m waiting to see if there’s interest before adding that.

CMWT has a new UI.  It has a new API framework.  It has a new database schema.  It has new documentation.  It has a new custom report feature (save and edit them too).  It has a lot of new stuff.  And it’s FRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  That’s right.  If you feel Christmassy you can donate via PayPal I suppose, but I don’t have a link setup for that yet.  Anyhow, I’d really appreciate any input/thoughts/feedback.

Tested on System Center Configuration Manager 1610 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014 SP1.  Client tested on Windows 10 64-bit using Google Chrome, Edge and IE 11.

Read the installation guide (under the “docs” folder)

Get here —>  GitHub

Please read the information on the site before submitting questions.

Here’s some screen shots…


17 thoughts on “ConfigMgr Web Tools

  1. Thank you for the Great Tool. I follow the install instructions an the Website works perfect, but i become following error when i open a Report:

    -2147467259:[Microsoft}[ODBC Driver Manager] Data source Name not found and no default driver specified

    can you help me?

    Kind regards


    1. First off: Thank you! I really do appreciate your interest and feedback! As for the bug, it’s the global.asa file. There’s a line that says Const ConfigFile = “F:\CMWT\_config.txt”. Change the drive letter (and path if necessary) to suit the CMWT install path. That’s a short term fix. The proper fix is coming in the next build/update. Let me know if that helps?

      1. Hi Martin – Thank you for posting a comment here! Please try configuring the DSN using the Windows ODBC editor and verify it works. Then you can paste the connection string into the _config.txt file and it should work as well. Please let me know if that helps?

  2. Hey!
    Today I’ve rad a news on Twitter about your web-page and I’m more then willing to try your solution.
    Unfortunately I’ve faced -2147467259:[Microsoft}[ODBC Driver Manager] Data source Name not found and no default driver specified error even with latest build.

  3. Nice tool. but unfortunately I also get “-2147467259: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified”, with the latest build (

    1. Hi mankan – Thank you for your comment! Please try configuring the DSN string using the Windows ODBC editor? If it works there, you can paste the same string into the _config.txt file and it should work.

  4. After turning on various features I now found the real error why I can’t accsess the cmwt site from other computers,
    Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ‘80040e09’
    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The SELECT permission was denied on the object ‘v_R_System’, database ‘CM_P04’, schema ‘dbo’.
    /cmwt/_core.asp, line 514

    Any suggestions? Works fine from the server itself.

    1. First off = thank you! I appreciate your interest and providing feedback! As for the permissions issue, are you opening CMWT using a domain user account that is also a member of a role/group within SCCM that has access to managing the site? It’s really a tool for SCCM site admins, but I’m still trying to determine how it could/should be configured to suit most common scenarios.

      1. make sure the account has db_datareader rights on the CM_xxxx database, and has been granted RBAC rights within the SCCM console. It will need db_owner rights on the CMWT database as well.

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