Since around 1998, I’ve tried to remain active with various beta/preview programs.  I never really stopped to qualify the reason, but I suspect it’s a bit of a rush to be on the ‘cutting edge’.  At times it’s been painful, such as when the product crashes in the middle of doing “real” work (or a customer-facing demo, always fun).

So, I was having a discussion with a friend about my experiences and he asked something along the lines of “how’s your batting average when it comes to making a dent?”  That was a good question.  I can’t share all of the vendor names due to NDA restrictions, even though I’ve left some of their programs long ago.  Nonetheless, I decided to obfuscate all of their names to be fair.  So it ends up being something like this…


This is gathered from notes, emails, web reports, etc. going back about 5 years. From the looks of it, I’d say G***** has/had the best responsiveness score.  And to put this in proper context, the nature of the product(s) involved don’t really compare across these columns.  Some are web services, some are client apps, and some are mobile apps.

As a personal challenge, I pulled notes from my last 4 app-dev projects and compiled the results as best as I could.  It looks something like this…


Project 3 was a rush job and forced me to lower standards to meet some deadlines, so the bug rep count was pretty high.  Project 4 seemed to make up for that I think.  Is this a meaningful comparison?  No.  Not at all.  For the following reasons:

  • I’m a single developer, not a corporate entity with divisions of departments of teams of people.
  • I was supporting one customer and one well-defined set of requirements.
  • My user-base base much, much smaller
  • I shared the office space with three of these customers, so communication was infinitely more efficient.
  • My SLA terms were nowhere near as stringent as the other vendors’
  • Given I was the only developer, AND the customer support interface, I was better-positioned to provide immediate responses to questions and concerns.  No having to report across departmental lines and wait for internal responses.

FWIW.  And now, I return to bothering my dogs.

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