Sorry to take a dump on everyone’s party, but….


I’m really tired of hearing all the whining about how America has failed.  That it’s not great anymore, and we need to make it great again.  That we’re all somehow victims.  This is not really about what Trump said.  I hear it in different forms from conservatives and liberals alike.  They just pick different criteria to make their case as to why this country is falling apart.

It’s being blasted at all of us by TV and Internet brainwashing.  It’s also being repeated by people on Facebook.  And people often seem dismayed that “media” is playing sides.  News flash: News media is a multi-billion dollar corporate business.  It’s never been a social program.  They exist to push an agenda for who owns them.  That’s it.  Nothing more.

America isn’t a failure.  Maybe your life is worse off than 5, 10 or 15 years ago, but that’s not the government’s fault.  Take responsibility for your own life.

Personally, I’m way way better off than I’ve been in decades.  Better family, better job, better skills, better health, better income, and better toys than I’ve ever had before.  None of it was handed to me.  I worked my fucking ass off for all of it.  Still do.  I’ve made it through several job losses; survived cancer, made it through some intense family turmoil, moving to a new place under bad circumstances.  I’m still way better off now than ever before.

Is my life perfect?  No.  Who’s is?  You can stare at the problems or look for solutions and get moving.  I had to.  Or I wouldn’t be alive to write this right now.

The friends that have stuck with me, and my inconsistent presence, and my weird personality, have somehow still stuck with me.  I’m grateful.

I don’t need to hear anyone try to convince me to agree with them, that my life is worse off.  A shoulder to cry on; a pity party; misery’s company.  Fuck that.  If your life is worse than it was a decade ago, who’s fault is that?  The government?  The president?  Really?  Not one major event in my life has ever been the result of who won an election.  Ever. I doubt it was the reason for your life events either.

So, for anyone who wants to cry about how bad their life is, on Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat, or whatever, cry elsewhere.  If you even have access to post on social media, your life can’t be that bad anyhow.

If you decide to put your political views between you and people you know, when you know they’re not going to change views, you’re putting those suit-wearing blowhards in a higher priority in your life than those you call “friends”.  It’s a bad priority, and it really speaks to whether they’re really your friends.  Would you ask them to help you when your car breaks down somewhere at night?  Would Donald or Hillary or any of their ilk come get you either?

Most of the time, those meme-based posts are simply mental masturbation.  Begging for an argument, simply to exercise one’s mastery of a handful of figures they gleaned from a web site.  It’s divisive, and it’s really all for someone else’s profit, but not yours.  If you really don’t like someone enough to leave politics out of the discussion, just save precious life minutes and cut them loose.  Otherwise, it’s just being arrogant and selfish.

You have to make a choice, as an adult, whether you want to really focus on family and friendships, or playing adolescent games against others with whatever the media is pouring in your glass.  You don’t have to drink it.


P.S. I will return to stupid humor right after this message.



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