Errrr, what?


  Export all Task Sequences for a given SCCM site

  [string] path location for exporting the task sequence .ZIP files
  (default = user profile "Documents" folder)

.PARAMETER Dependencies
  [switch] Indicates to export dependencies as well (not required)

  [switch] Indicates to export content as well (not required)

  Export-CmTaskSequences.ps1 -TargetPath "C:\CMTaskSequences"

  Author..... / GitHub / Twitter
  Created.... 10/26/2016
  Modified... TBD

param (
  [parameter(Mandatory=$False)] [string] $TargetPath = "$($env:USERPROFILE)\Documents",
  [parameter(Mandatory=$False)] [switch] $Dependencies, 
  [parameter(Mandatory=$False)] [switch] $Content,
  [parameter(Mandatory=$False)] [switch] $ListOnly

if (!($Dependencies)) { $Deps = $False } else { $Deps = $True }
if (!($Content)) { $Cont = $False } else { $Cont = $True }
$old = $pwd

  Get-CmSiteCode was created to persevere to endeavor
  on the path of journey to finding that elusive beast:
  the site code, for this mysterious thing called a SCCM site

  $sitecode = Get-CmSiteCode

function Get-CmSiteCode {
  $x = Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS"
  $smsp = $x.ServerAccountProvider

  Get-CmCmdletModule returns the [string] path location
  to the .PSD1 powershell module installed with SCCM

  $mpath = Get-CmCmdletModule

function Get-CmCmdletModule {
  $result = Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SMS\Setup" | 
  Select-Object -ExpandProperty "UI Installation Directory"
  $cpath = "$result\bin\ConfigurationManager.psd1"
  if (Test-Path $cpath) { $cpath }

$cmsc = Get-CmSiteCode

if (!(Get-Module "ConfigurationManager")) {
  $cmm = Get-CmCmdletModule
  if ($cmm -ne $null) {
    Import-Module $cmm
    Set-Location "$cmsc`:"
  else {
    Write-Host "uh oh! Yo shit imploded, G." -ForegroundColor Yellow
else {
  Set-Location "$cmsc`:"

Write-Output "requesting task sequences from site: $cmsc..."

$tslist = Get-CMTaskSequence
if ($tslist -ne $null) {
  $tscount = $tslist.Length
  foreach ($ts in $tslist) {
    $TsName = $ts.Name
    $TsPath = "$TargetPath\$"
    if (!($ListOnly)) {
      Write-Output "Exporting: $TsName..."
      Export-CMTaskSequence -Name "$TsName" -ExportFilePath "$TsPath" -WithDependence $Deps -WithContent $Cont -ErrorAction Continue
    else {
      Write-Output "name: $TsName`n`texport: $TsPath"
  Write-Output "$tscount items were exported."
else {
  Write-Output "No task sequences were found"
cd $old

while (!($dead)) { no-sleep }


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