Let’s just hypothetically suppose that some fictitious human just might have possibly somehow accidentally imported too many Management Packs into their System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2016 management server.  In this hypothetical fictitious case, they were allegedly drugged, waterboarded and coerced at gunpoint to import MPs with unnecessary languages.  For example, maybe it was just possibly a SCOM machine in the US and they somehow imported everything from CHA to RUS language MPs.  Hypothetically speaking, of course.

And let’s suppose they ran the SCOM Ops Manager Shell to run “Get-SCOMManagementPack” and found all the bad MPs had .NNN extensions (where “NNN” is a 3-character language code abbreviation).

Fear not, there is hope!

$extlist = @('CHS','CHT','DEU','FRA','ITA','JPN','KOR','RUS')

Write-Host "You can go get some coffee, this will take a while..." -ForegroundColor Green
foreach ($mpext in $extlist) {
  Get-SCOMManagementPack | 
    ?{$_.Name -like "*.$mpext"} |

Now for the fun part!  You have to make a scientific prediction as to which of the following will finish first:

  1. The South will rise again
  2. America will elect a president with an IQ over 40
  3. Unicorns will make rainbows from their butt
  4. This script will finish processing

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