• Wake up: 8:35 AM EDT
  • Customer A asks for me to be “on site” in Richmond, VA at 8:30 AM on 9/12/16. Duration = 5 days
  • Customer B asks for me to be “on site” in Raleigh, NC at 8:00 AM on 9/19/16. Duration  = 5 days
  • Still at home, storm approaches and dumps a ton of rain.  Causes lawn and shrubs to grow beyond control.  Foxes come out at night and fight with the raccoons and opossum. Dog #2 cries to go out at 11:30 PM and 3:30 AM. Not a restful night.
  • Text landlord about power outage frying the oven range (pun intended).
  • Lab work
  • Bed time: 3:15 AM EDT


  • Wake up: 8:00 AM EDT
  • Customer A changes mind, as soon as I’ve submitted request to travel desk.  Withdraw request and mark as “pending”
  • Customer B notifies me that it’s not Raleigh, NC, but Charlotte, NC.  Change of travel plans.
  • DC1 in my Hyper-V shits the bed.  No recovery possible from backups.  Scratches head, talks with dog about options, cat agrees.  Start over.
  • Spend all night rebuilding Hyper-V lab environment.  Keeping in mind that it also bridges my home devices (DNS, DHCP, etc.).
  • Shit Router hangs and has to be rebooted, causing Crap Router to hang.  Reboot both and all is good.
  • Rebuild Hyper-V lab all night.  Finall finish at 3:45 AM EDT.  AD = Windows Server 2016 TP5, new DNS, DHCP, SCCM site, Orchestrator, shebang, kapow, sha-wing!
  • Bed time: 4:00 AM EDT


  • Not sure what day it is.  Start pondering the concept of time zones and the IDL.  Mind = blown.  What will happen when we colonize Mars and they have different day hours, weeks, months, years?  Imagine scheduling meetings?  “How about Tuesday at 4:30 PM PST, which will be Friday at 8:45 AM Zone 33 for you?”  A whole new crop of software will emerge just to deal with that, I’m sure.
  • Wak up 8:15 AM EDT
  • 8:30 AM EDT – first customer call
  • More calls, internal and external
  • Ex-boss calls to inquire about scheduling a lunch with another ex-coworker.  Irony that both became an “ex-” by way of being laid off from two separate employers.  Social stuff is bizarre.
  • Crawl under my son’s broken Mercury Grand Marquis to try to remove the solenoid with a cheap torx wrench.  EVERYTHING is in the way, including exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, and chassis cross member.  Mosquitoes are biting the absolute shit out of every part of my exposed body that I cannot reach in my position under the car.  I swear loudly.  Neighbor is walking dog along street out front and pauses to hear me cursing under the car things like “you little motherfuckers! I will tear your little fucking heads off and shit down your little fucking necks! You will die!”
  • Neighbors speeds up walking pace, dragging dog behind him.
  • Finally up to 50 push-ups again, and now up to 8 pull-ups.  Still only 10 sit-ups.
  • Bed time: 2:30 AM EDT


  • Finalize MS Ignite conference travel plans and session sign-ups.
  • Customer B informs me that I need to be “on site” in Charlotte the week of 9/19, 10/3, and 10/10, with the week of 9/26 at Ignite in Atlanta.
  • Mention to wife and kids.  No reaction.  Mention to dog #2 and get a tail wag.  I’m batting .500!
  • I watch a little bit of the Apple event.  Start wondering how things would be if Steve was still alive and goose-stepping all over the Cupertino campus.  iPhone 7 would probably not be anything like this.  Nor the watch.
  • Customer C calls with request to deploy 1,000 upgrades from Office 2013 to 2016 in 3 days.  Machines are spread over 7 locations around the US.  No SCCM or similar product available.  No access to GPOs (different team, internal politics/fighting), and unwilling to consider PowerShell.  They insist on making a separate install share at each office and use a .BAT script to deploy by adding users to a domain security group.  Using a .BAT script to check AD group membership. I inhale, turn to my trusted dog and ask “are these people on some sort of methadone withdrawal thing or what?”  Dog stares back. I get her.
  • Customer B informs us that the “unknowns” will remain “unknown” until they’re “known” but the point at which the “unknowns” become “knowns” is still “unknown”.  What did he say?  I don’t know.
  • Take puppy #2 for late night walk around neighborhood.  She stops to eat wet clay from a truck tire.  Not good.
  • Bed time: 1:30 AM EDT


  • Landlord shows up at noon with new oven range.
  • Puppy #2 barks and cries without a break
  • I drop a cordless drill on my foot (wearing flip-flops).  Screwdriver bit penetrates top of left foot just between the metatarsals and ligaments (good thing I paid attention in biology class, huh?)
  • Puppy #2 cleans wound while I move heavy furniture back in place after oven range is moved in.
  • I call chiropractor to schedule a 1-1/2 hour adjustment + full body massage.  Hoping I get Olga, the stern Russian masseuse.
  • Sit down, have a glass of wine, and blog.

Have a nice weekend! 🙂


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