• No more 32-bit anything.
    • Program Files (x86)
    • SysWow64
    • WOW6432Node
    • All 64 bit
    • Vendors who attempt to push 32-bit are punished severely
  • Legacy scattering is cleaned up
    • Program Files\Common Files
    • ProgramData
    • AppData
    • Bundled apps require a root uninstaller (Visual Studio, SQL Server, etc.)  Single click, single pass.
    • New layer for Windows Installer removals is added which finds all associated folders and registry keys and removes them after main install is done.  No more need for cleanup tools/scripts.
  • No more CMD shell executables.
    • All PowerShell cmdlets
    • CMD is replaced entirely by the PowerShell console
    • Every CMD tool is mapped into PowerShell cmdlets such that it requires NO additional keystrokes (e.g. ICACLS, NET xxx, REG xxx, etc.)
  • Sysinternals merged completely into the product
    • BGINFO is adapted into the UI shell with a cleaner result.  Something like how the Windows 10 insider builds display version info above the systray now.  It’s a feature that can be toggled via right-click applet, local or group policy or PowerShell.
  • A single, unified model for exporting and importing the UI components via PowerShell
    • (think Start Menu, Start Panel, Taskbar, Notification panel, Desktop)
  • Old GUI tools get a makeover
  • Only Windows Installer and App-V installers are supported.
    • No more EXE installers.
    • Chocolatey is rolled into the Windows baseline
  • Everything good about VBScript is incorporated into PowerShell and VBScript is removed entirely.
    • Silly stuff like Trim, Mid, Round, and so on. (Note: YES, I know they’re possible in PS 5.0, but the implementation is still ugly)
  • A cleaner form engine is provided for PowerShell than leaning on COM InterOp.
    • Maybe borrowing some separation like the HTA model (XML, CSS, etc.)
  • No more “Active-“, “One-“, “Live-“, “Visual-“, just pick one prefix for the product lines as the standard.
  • 255-character limit on CMD shell pipeline is gone.
  • WordPad is eliminated
  • Notepad is replaced with something like Notepad++
  • Paint is replaced by a more powerful graphics editor (it’s overdue)
  • Settings and Control Panel finally kiss and make up.  They become one.
  • The Group Policy model is redesigned and cleaned up
  • ALL log files comply with a common, standard data format
  • ALL dialog forms follow a standard motif and behavior model
  • Windows Explorer tweaks
    • Hide File Extensions, is DISABLED by default
    • Expand to current folder, is the default
    • Disk Cleanup button, is moved to the Tools tab where it belongs
  • Edge is vaporized and replaced with IE12
  • Hyper-V
    • Gets a decent built-in (optional) NAT Router VM guest
    • The VM config paths are more customizable
  • The Start Menu can be moved to the bottom-right, or top-left or top-right corners
  • New “SmartGuard” feature added
    • Detects attempted installs of Access databases which contain VBA forms
    • Detects attempts to install more than one antivirus product
    • Detects IQ of user and applies appropriate electrical protection measure
  • New “AssGuard” feature added
    • Detects when coworker tinker with your computer in any way
    • Auto-hides Facebook when boss is nearby
    • Auto-dials your phone extension with a fake call when annoying coworker is talking your ears off.

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