How to Monitor Configuration manager Console Usage Data | Eswar Koneti’s Blog

With system Center Configuration manager Build Update 1602 (Current branch ) ,we can now monitor the Configuration manager console usage data . In previous versions of configmgr ,there is no records in database to see who are the users connecting to SCCM console ,though this information is tracked in SMSProv.log, but no stored information for reporting. Microsoft have made some improvements with Configmgr current branch build 1602 ,that store the information in database,WMI class about users who try to make successful connection . After you install the Configmgr console update 1602 and try to connect to Site server (CAS or Primary Site) , if the user is having least permissions( RBA) , SMS provider start tracking the information by executing several queries against the permissions defined in RBA (like OS ,software updates,packages ,applications ,collections and many more )  ,all these information can be monitor in smsprov.log . This process is same in earlier versions of Configuration

Source: How to Monitor Configuration manager Console Usage Data | Eswar Koneti’s Blog

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