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In this blog I will show you step by step how to quickly get a detailed list of all your Configuration Manager deployments, output in Excel table format, including the following details

  • Application Name
  • Assignment ID
  • CI_ID
  • Collection
  • Collection Name
  • DeploymentID
  • Creation Time
  • Deployment Time
  • Enforcement Deadline
  • PackageID

You can also download this guide from the Technet Gallery here

First, open the System Center Configuration Manager Console


Click on the down arrow in the upper right hand corner and choose “Connect via Windows Powershell”.  This opens PowerShell with the Configuration Manager module loaded.  Type the following command (use whatever path you want to save the output)

Get-CMDeployment | Export-csv -NoTypeInformation c:\temp\Deployments.CSV



Next, open the Deployments.CSV file using Microsoft Excel.

Highlight / select all the rows and columns with data, select the “Insert” Tab, click on “Table”


Make sure to tick “My table has headers”, the click OK


You now…

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