Here are some of the variations I’ve encountered thus far, as it pertains to establishing a codified standard of naming computer devices in a network environment.  This applies to user-assigned devices and servers.  Enjoy!

  1. Form Factor and Serial Number (ex. “D”+ “012345”) (most common)
  2. Form Factor and Model Number (ex. “D” + “755E”)
  3. Form Factor, Model and Employee ID (ex. “D” + “755E” + “12345”)
  4. Form Factor and Employee ID (“D” + “12345”)
  5. Form Factor and Department with Increment (“D” + “SALES” + “001”)
  6. Location Code and Serial Number (ex. “234-” + “012345”)
  7. Location Name (Abbrev.), Role, Platform and Increment (“NYC”+”FS”+”W64″+”001”)
  8. Ad Hoc Inventory Number (internally assigned, number, variable length)
  9. Comic Book Character Names (SpiderMan, Hulk, etc.)
  10. Mythology Names (Zeus, Hercules, etc.)
  11. Planetary Names (Mercury, Saturn, etc.)
  12. Table of Element Names (Vanadium, Tungsten, etc.)
  13. Car Names (Malibu, Corvette, Mustang, etc.)
  14. Names of Famous Authors (Tolstoy, Bradbury, etc.)
  15. City Names (Toronto, Miami, etc.)
  16. Function/Role Code, Location Code, Increment (“FS” + “NYC” + “001” or “NYC”+”FS”+001)

In the end, however, all that matters is that you choose one that provides some measurable benefit to you and your business. Always ask: “what does this help us accomplish?”

Alternate ways to associate extended information with a computer device:

  • Paraseable Naming
  • Local Description
  • Domain Account Description
  • Local Data File
  • Centralized Database
  • Security Group Memberships
  • Custom Active Directory Object Attributes
  • Spreadsheets
  • Printed Reports pinned to the way

Enjoy your Monday!


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