1. Open 1602 ConfigMgr console, expand Monitoring / Reporting / Reports.
  2. Determined some reports are missing.  In this case, all were present up to “Software Updates – B Deployment Management“.  All folders and reports after that were not present
  3. Opened SQL Management Studio, connect to ReportServer database, run “select * from dbo.Catalog” to confirm returned rows.  Compare with a “normal” 1602 site server with the RSP role.

Steps to resolve

  1. Confirm that the service account used for the SCCM/SSRP connection is a member of the correct SQL roles for the correct databases.
  2. Confirm that the account has permissions to the correct folders. (in our case, the domain service account was added to local Administrators and the NTFS permissions were properly configured)
  3. Run, MOFCOMP.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\120\Shared\SqlMgmProviderXpSp2Up.mof  (note: the number in red varies by the version of SQL Server installed.  For 2014, it is 120).
  4. Remove the Reporting Services Point role within the ConfigMgr console
  5. Reboot the server
  6. Add the Reporting Services Point role back, and monitor srsrp.log to confirm the reports being recreated.
  7. Verify reports within the console
  8. Verify reports within the web reports site.
  9. Eat and drink
  10. Dance naked.

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