Let’s just say you have a workgroup laptop running Windows 10, and you want to install the ConfigMgr admin console from a site server in a domain.  Easy enough.  Peter Daalmans provides a simple workaround (and yes, it works).  You’ve got a nice 1602 admin console installed.


However, with the new in-console update mechanism, the first time you launch the initial console, assuming the site server was updated to the latest hotfix (within the console on the server or a machine in that domain…. confused yet?  hang on, you will be), you will be prompted to update the console as soon as it begins to open.

The problem then becomes a matter of split context.  The console is running under a no-profile remote user context on the local machine (the workgroup laptop).  But the update needs to read from the remote source to download the bits and then needs UAC approval from a local context.  Ka-blam-0!  In your face!  Not happening.  So, what to do?

Fear not, from the workgroup laptop, navigate to the site server “SMS_xxx” share, and drill down to “bin\00000nnn\ConsoleUpdate” (where “nnn” is the country code, so USA is “00000409”), and run the .MSP patch file directly.  Then go back and launch the console from the shortcut that Peter describes, and you’re good to go.

Don’t bother looking under the cd.latest folder, or the root-level AdminConsole folder,


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