“What do you see the IT employment market looking like in ten years?”

Well, given that I don’t have a crystal ball, I can only make a quasi-educated semi-guess.  But it would be something like this: infrastructure jobs will shift towards bottom and high end.  Mid-range jobs will be replaced by cloud services, devops, and gradual evolutionary automation.  The rest will be compressed into job titles like “Senior Engineering Administrator Architect” with salaries around $40k and no O.T. but 24/7/365 on-call responsibility.

“Geez!  That’s pretty bleak?  Why?”

Workers love it.  If we didn’t, we’d protest.  But we don’t.  So we bitch and whine and moan and cry, mostly on Facebook, but ultimately, we sit in traffic every day to get more of it tube fed into our brains.  We seem to crave the warm, comfortable caress of oppressive labor practices.  Sort of a Stockholm syndrome I suppose.  I’m not a psycho-analyst though, but I’ve pretended to be one at parties.

“What is the best programming language for an entry level IT person to learn?”

Whatever their boss tells them to learn.  And then add one or two on your own.

“What is the dumbest thing you’ve seen in your thirty years in IT?”


“Any specific kind?”

The kind that make decisions in a vacuum, or who drink the full-retard vendor Kool Aid.  Oh, and the kind that say “Excel database”.  They should be flash-frozen, dipped in boiling oil, dropped into a running wood chipper, and tenderized with a football team wearing ice-climbing boots.  Next question?

“If you could pick any other career besides IT, what would it be?”

Hmmm. That’s a tough one.  I’d say, Senator or bus driver.

“Bus driver?!”

Yeah.  Like Senators, they take innocent people for a ride, and take their money as well.  Oh, and they get to travel to places.

“What do you feel is the best invention in the history of mankind?”

Government.  Because it gives people the illusion that they have control over their destiny.  After that, it would be Jack Links beef jerky.  The ‘Sweet ‘n Spicy’ kind.

“Favorite beer?”

Belgian strong ales or Barley Wines. Only those higher than 12% ABV.

“Favorite hobbies?”

Walking. Traveling. Listening to podcasts. Bicycling. Shopping.  More traveling.  Smooching my little dogs.  Singing along to the radio in my well-tuned Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.  Oh, and talking to myself in third person while strolling through store aisles.

(I might do ten more sometime, if I can’t think of a better topic.)


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