Get-CmInventory has been updated to 1606.0700 and uploaded to GitHub today.  Among the many things that don’t cure cancer or feed the hungry are the following…

  • Granularity – is now number-based, so what was “basic” is now 1, and goes up to 5 (which was formerly called “stupid”)
  • AD properties – are now mapped into the queries.xml template, and therefore extendable (I hope I spelled that right?  I was going to say “expendable” but that movie shouldn’t have been continued into part 2 and part 3)
  • DomainName, DCName – parameters added for AD queries
  • SQL queries – have been added.  These use the channel rather than SMS Provider (WMI) channel for faster execution.
  • Index page – When more than one server is specified, an additional “index.htm” page is created.
  • Report Open – when finished, the index.htm or the single report .htm, is opened automatically in the default web browser
  • Refactored code – some of the repeated code fragment mess has been scooped up, packed into a box and moved into a corner to make room.
  • More Love – That’s right, more love. MORE love.  And of course, more coffee.

Get some!  (here)


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