I’m going to start using version numbering like MS does now: YYMM.DDnn or something like that.  Anyhow, looking back at my previous 1511 “wishlist” blog post (here), and having been shoved through a few wood-chippers of site upgrades, I thought I’d revisit that, and update it where appropriate.


Web Console

Status: Never going to happen. Never. never, never, ever, never, never going to happen.  It doesn’t matter that Altiris did that, or that SCOM has a web console, or that SharePoint has web parts, or even that Microsoft owns a dungeon full of chained-up developers connected to electric shock collars.  It’ll never happen.  Not until (whatever replaces) Intune becomes the front-and-center resource management product.

Cleaner UX

Assuming the current client console is hear until the Cloud snatches it away, I expect to see some continued, gradual improvements to the console.  I already claimed one via UserVoice (the little device icons that indicate if device is online), so kudos to the entire UserVoice program, not just for SCCM either.

HTA Installer

Yes.  It needs to die.  What really needs to happen is this:  Satya needs to rent a big white van, snatch all of the product team leads, bind them with duct tape and zip ties, drive them to a ranch in the middle of the Canadian countryside, and have a sit-down about making a COMMON installer for all products.  It’s gotten stupid.  At last count, nearly every product has a unique spin on the installation process.  Office, SQL Server, System Center (each product within it), Azure client components, Windows Server, Windows Client, Visual Studio, on and and on.  Enough (clap-clap!)

PowerShell De-Coupling

Still hoping to see this.


Still hoping to see this.

Installation Process

This is in bad shape.  Really bad shape.  It’s what one of my former supervisors used to call “square wheels”.  In his words “most people get used to square wheels and eventually argue that round wheels are a waste of time”.  Absolutely true.  Anytime your product needs 10 blog sites to provide in-depth articles on just doing a basic, lab-environment, installation, it needs some retooling.

OSD Task Sequence Custom Steps

Still would like to see this.  A library that can be imported and exported, to drag-and-drop reusable custom steps into a Task Sequence.

OSD Task Sequence Error Linking

Still would like to see this.  Also, build in a custom logging feature, like the one everyone does manually with a PowerShell script to dump TS variables, etc.  Maybe add another OSD variable name to toggle the log on/off, like everyone does manually in their task sequences.

Applications + Packages = Packlications

This is becoming a pattern.  Windows 10 still has “Settings” and “Control Panel” and they don’t appear to be morphing into a new creature anytime soon.  Applications and Packages are also semi-linked and semi-related, and therefore semi-retarded.  Combine them like super-hero power rings, and let the blinding light shine.

God-Mode Console

All of those sneaky little registry settings to control logging, site settings, intersite communication, etc. etc. etc. should be rolled up into a GUI of some sort.

CM Toolkit

It’s time to replace the in-console Roles and Scopes features with what RBA Viewer has to offer.  Same goes for adding the other tools as either right-click features or some other menu option within the console.

Site Replication Tools

The hierarchy diagram tool is sooooooooooooooooo 1990’s looking.  And the Replication Link Analyzer needs some cookies and milk too.   Maybe offer some young developers a trip to Disney (or Vegas) if they can put a shiny new face on that entire CAS/Primary/Secondary link replication status and troubleshooting circus.

I’m done.  I need to crash and get some sleep.  Been 48 hrs without a serious nap, making me cranky.


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