Yes, I know this is dumb as hell and most SCCM folks know this already, but for those who find this useful, here goes.  This is for use on a Configuration Manager site system server which has smsexec running on it.

  1. If you don’t already have Sysinternals’ BGINFO.exe, download it here.
  2. Unpack it and save it somewhere on the local system.  I prefer deploying it via Group Policy, but that’s explained over here.
  3. Open it up (double-click, right-click, top-click, bottom-click, scream at it, whatever)
  4. Customize the list by highlighting entries you don’t want, and press DEL to remove them, or add missing entries from the “fields” selection list.
  5. Click the “Custom” button (see image 1)
  6. Click “New”
  7. Select “Version information for a file”
  8. Change the “Identifier” to “SCCM Version” or whatever you prefer. (see image 2)
  9. Click Browse
  10. Navigate to the ConfigMgr installation folder, under bin\<cpu-platform> and select smsexec.exe.  Click OK
  11. Click OK again
  12. Back in the BGInfo form, scroll down the “Fields” list to find your new entry, and click “<- Add”
  13. Modify the formatting as desired. (see image 3)
  14. Click Apply
  15. Click File / Save As
  16. Save the configuration to a .bgi file for reuse


Now, even as Configuration Manager is upgraded, the version will automatically update as well.

Note: The custom entry is reusable on other site system servers, as long as Configuration Manager is installed in the same path/location.


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