Build 1605.2201 has been uploaded Here.

This wind farm isn't in Virginia, and APCo's proposal doesn't include building any new wind. But the cows are cute. Photo credit: NREL

Changes / Additions / Chin-Rubbings…

  • Services report now highlights services which are set to “Automatic” (or “Auto”) but which are currently not running.
  • Optional Features report now includes Caption property and correct sorting
  • -Granularity parameter adds option “Stupid” to “Basic”, “Advanced”, “Extreme” and “Insane”.  This new param taps the new Windows Performance Counter reports in the updated queries.xml file.

Tip: If you want to add more to the report, or customize it in other ways, use your favorite WMI browser utility to poke around on a target Windows computer.  Use that namespace, class name, and properties list to create or customize your query entry in “queries.xml”.  You can alias property names for nicer looking reports by adding the alias onto the property name using “=”.  For example, if you want to change “ChassisTypes” to “FormFactor” the entry might look like this…


What’s missing?  What would you like to see added or changed in this script?   Post a comment here (below) or on the SourceForge page.


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