• Meticulously building a virtual lab to mirror a customer’s f-d up environment, down to every service pack, cumulative update, hotfix and custom GPO setting, service account, group and group membership, registry hacks, and then leaning back in the chair after 8 hours, clasping hands behind head, smiling, saying to yourself “I done did real good.” is almost as exhilarating as breaking the entire site by accident an hour later and realizing you forgot to back it up or make a snapshot of the VM’s when things were going well, and after another 4 hours of trying to save the ship, end up scrapping it all and rebuilding again, but this time, even better, and with snapshots.
  • My dog likes to terrorize crows.
  • We have a new bullfrog living in our backyard pond.  I named him Jeremiah.
  • Jeremiah is not amused by my singing the namesake song.
  • The free coffee at Trader Joe’s is not only a great source of dietary caffeine and raw sugar intake, but a great source of random conversation.
  • Insurance companies, like Vegas, never really lose a deal of any kind, anywhere, at any time.  Ever.  No matter what every attorney would have you believe. In fact, compare the real estate holdings of attorneys with those of the insurance company they are ‘fighting’ and it usually answers the question: who’s really in charge.
  • The most effective time to consume the strongest brewed coffee is immediately after donating blood.
  • Trying to function with an increased caffeine level, infused with a reduced blood volume, is somewhat like Leonardo driving that Lamborghini home in Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Ignoring DNS in your environment is like ignoring a medical test.
  • Noam Chomsky’s dissertative book on the Syntax of Linguistics, aptly titled “Aspects of the Theory of Syntax” is fantastic.  Dry, but fantastic.
  • People are generally content with being lied to, as long as the lie is delivered with style and flash.  And the louder it is, the more they love it.
  • Trader Joe’s has some incredibly good deals on food items.  But their beer selection is worse than Food Lion’s.
  • For pure entertainment value, asking 20 random people in public who their senator is, averages a 1% correct result.  Asking that one knowledgable person what the latest bill their senator sponsored nets a 0% result.
  • 99.999999999999999999999999999% of Americans don’t really care what happens in the world as long as someone else is doing the dirty work.
  • Banana-infused bagels are delicious.

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