I froze development on CMWT as of 3/21, so the list below (which is also on the GitHub Wiki) is where it stands.  I’m not making any more changes until 4/1 when I decide, once and for all, finally, whether it lives or doesn’t.

  • MAJOR OVERHAUL of page coding process (more ASP, less raw HTML)
  • New functions and subs added to _cmwt.asp
  • Retired: _header.asp, _menubar.asp, _footer.asp
  • Added custom char delimiter setting in _config.asp
  • Fixed permissions filtering on CMWT Diagnostics report page
  • Moved AD account modification processing into ADSI/LDAP via ASP rather than offline SQL/PowerShell
  • Fixed layout issues on software.asp and tools.asp
  • Preceding line item requires some changes to the _config.txt file entries
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Removed all use of Canvas JS library and chart modules (can be added back if requested)
  • Fixed variable scope issues within global.asa file
  • Added feature to devices.asp to add multiple devices to a collection
  • Fixed issues with verifying existing collection membership before adding new resources
  • Completed work on IE and Office install reports
  • Added reports for ADK and ADK components
  • Added client installation summary report

Basically, 1603.21 is nearly a complete rewrite.  Is it where I want it to be?  No.  I’d like to do more refactoring, particularly in _cmwt.asp, and possibly more in global.asa.

Am I stuck on ASP?  For now, yes.  Unless there’s enough interest to redo it in ASP.NET, I can’t see justifying the effort and time.

Which versions of ConfigMgr does it work on?  I’ve tested it on 2012 R2 SP1 CU2, 1511 and 1602.  Also, on SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014.  The queries with COALESCE statements should work fine either way.

Does it place a load on the site server?  A load about as heavy as a grain of salt.  However, it depends on how you use it, scale it, and so on.

Anyhow, the feedback has been almost nil so far.  If something changes in the next week, that might be good.  However, my pragmatic side is expecting to pull the plug on it, but that’s not a bad thing actually.  Realistically, it’s an experiment to see if the concept holds value in the eyes of others.  Just because it’s helped me doesn’t mean it will be viewed as such by others.  So, whether it lives on or ends doesn’t bother me.  I’m more curious as to how it turns out.

Seven more days.

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