What is it?

As if I haven’t already worn your eyes and ears out (unless you’re lucky and deaf, or luckier and blind):  It’s a web console for viewing and managing a System Center Configuration Manager primary site.  It runs as a web application on the primary site server.  It’s extremely light weight.

Features in the initial build are posted on the Wiki page under “Feature Map”.

New features will be added as time permits (and based on community feedback).

The initial build is 1603.15 (as in 2016, March 15).  The next build is incremental, but will include bug fixes, feature improvements and new features.  I will probably upload it tonight if testing wraps up.

I’m picking my own priorities until YOU tell me otherwise.  That’s right, YOU.  I’m open to any suggestions that would make this thing more useful for you.  It doesn’t matter how crazy or ridiculous the suggestion.  The worst I can say is “no”, or it might take longer or need outside help, etc.  Doesn’t hurt to ask.

So, I’m giving this thing a few weeks as a trial.  Actually, since it was posted March 15, 2016, I may set April 15, 2016 as the deadline.  If interest picks up, it lives on, and I will continue to support and build on it.  Otherwise, it dies and goes away forever.


Comments?  Thoughts?  Complaints?


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