The following is just one example for irritating your coworkers to the point of them shooting the place up or taking hostages.  For this reason, among others, it is strongly advised that you do not follow my advise.  You should instead laugh hysterically and read another blog, like this one.  In any case, let’s move on.

Goal = Configure your environment to automatically drive users crazy as soon as they log onto any domain-joined computer.


  • AD Domain
  • Group Policy Object
  • A fast car (to make a quick getaway)


  1. Open GPMC
  2. Expand the domain
  3. Right-click “Group Policy Objects” select “New”
  4. Enter a name (e.g. “Annoy Coworkers”), click OK
  5. Right-click the new GPO and select “Edit”
  6. Expand User Configuration / Preferences / Control Panel / Scheduled Tasks
  7. Select the “Task” tab
  8. Enter name “Drive User Crazy”
  9. Enter command “logoff.exe”
  10. Enter Start-in “%windir%\system32”
  11. Select the “Schedule” tab
  12. Change the Scheduled Task option to “At Logon”
  13. Click OK
  14. Link the GPO to a suitable OU
  15. Grab your wallet, laptop case (with laptop packed inside), car keys and head for the nearest door.

It’s just that simple.  And as I mentioned before, not recommended that you actually do this. 😉


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