Don't do this to your environment!

Just out of curiosity, I went back and tallied up the last 50 or servers I built for various projects.  As it turns out (or turned out?) roughly 90% of them required .NET Framework 3.5 role/feature added.  So, my question to the blogosphere is this:  Aside from some rather arcane roles, like file/print services, is it “bad” to go ahead and enable that feature in my base templates for future VM builds?  Or are there absolute “omfg – never!” scenarios I’m overlooking?


2 thoughts on “The .NET 3.5 Dilemma

  1. As long as your using an automated patch management system like WSUS, I see no reason not to. Windows is a .Net world and nothing says you can’t remove that role in cases where it is unnecessary.

    Having said that, I’ve seen you talking allot about Orchestrator so why not just setup a build plan to install it .Net as needed based on the required function of the server and/or as a prereq of the software that requires it?

    1. Thanks Steve! I was just curious if there are some commonly-known server builds where .NET 3.5 would break something, particularly within a Microsoft stack. I can always remove the feature if necessary, but it seems I’m adding it more than not.

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