Lately I’ve been seeing a somewhat common issue with some of my online billing places.  This includes phone service, internet, loans, and utilities, to name a few.  The “issue” is this:  I click on my billing “summary” page and it shows “$0.00 due” or “You have no balance due at this time”, etc.  Then I click on the “view bill” link, and it shows I have a balance due and the due date is either THAT same day, or within a few days.  WTF?

Here’s one from Virginia Natural Gas.  I’ve contacted them and waiting for a response.

Note that I captured this on 3/2/2016 and it clearly shows “$0.00” for Amount Due. And…


I click “View Bill” and get this…


Where it clearly shows I owe “$121.76” and need to pay by 3/2/2016 to avoid a late charge.  Is this a trick to get an easy 1.5% late charge?  Eh?  WTF?


3 thoughts on “Forecast is for WTF?

  1. I would say there is nothing going on at all. Looking at the screenshots you provided, you made a payment for 121.76 on February 11. Which is the amount of your bill so you have no amount due. So what you see in your first screenshot is accurate at the time you view it.

    Now when you click on View Bill, that on other hand is only accurate at the time the bill was generated and not updated to reflect payments since that bill was generated.

    Your bill was generated on February 8 so your online bill would not show your payment on February 11 since it was after the bill was generated. Therefore your bill would show an amount due and the due date to pay it.

    In other words your online bill is an static document and may not be accurate. While your “dashboard” is an dynamic document that shows the current status.

    So don’t worry, your fine. I hope that clears it up for you.

    1. That would make sense if I opened the site on 3/1, but it says I’m due 3/2 and it is 3/2. The “view bill” should be formatted more clearly (imho). The call rep said they get calls about it often, so that makes me feel better. Not the only blind fool wandering in the mine fields. 🙂

      1. Your definitely not the only blind fool wandering the minefields, because I am the same way myself at times. Maybe if they formatted the link instead of saying “View Bill” that it should say “View Bill Generated on February 8” that way people know without a doubt when the information on the bill was created. At the bottom of the bill instead of just saying “Please pay by March 2 to avoid the late charge” they also said “Any payments or new charges after February 8 will not be shown in this bill” would also reduced the confusion. Something I see in some bills from companies that allow online payments and viewing of bills.

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