Over the past two years, I’ve gone through five (5) Android smartphone devices, from multiple vendors.  Across two cell providers and so on.

On all of them, regardless of Android 4, 5, etc. (I hate using the stupid code names, they’re almost as retarded as Ubuntu names), the Google apps suck.  SUCK.  Yes, I said it.

The GMail app doesn’t perform as well, nor offer the same features as many third-party apps.  Even compared with Microsoft’s Outlook app. The Hangouts app doesn’t even step onto the same playing field as Facebook Messenger.  And aside from mobile aspects, how did Blogger fall so far behind in the race with their competitors like WordPress, Wix and so on?  It seems Google Plus is pretty much shot in the head and limping around waiting to fall over and die.

Compare the UI/UX of Gmail with Hotmail now.  Not even close.  Granted, Google Drive is about even with Microsoft OneDrive in the pretty+useful web department.  Microsoft doesn’t really have a free/hosted/cloud alternative to Keep.  But Google seems to never get around to really and completely merging Picasa with Photos

The only decent project I’ve seen lately is Google Docs.  That sleeper has been slowly, quietly, yet steadily collecting new features like a stealth snowball rolling down a hill in the night.  Next morning I wake up, and it’s like “whoa! where’d that feature come from?”

Earth and Maps are still fairly solid (Maps is still by far the most accurate of any “free” online map service).  And Chrome.  Oh boy.  Chrome.  Here’s a typical process footprint with 5 tabs open.  Case closed:


And what happened to all those promises of Chromebooks killing the market against retail OS’s like Windows and MacOS/iOS?  That went up in smoke like a politician’s campaign promise.

It’s like the brains at Google all left their desks and went on a Google Glass fishing trip.  Hello?  Did you forget you have other apps out there?  Cardboard is neat, and all, but ummmmm.  Eh.

I can only imagine a locker room pep talk from someone like Jesse Ventura, or even Steve Buscemi, ha ha, to motivate them back to the glory days of innovating and disrupting.


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