1. TIP: If you’re using your primary device for fast-ring builds, and you come up on a project where you want to throttle that potential “risk” back a bit, and if you’re happy on the build you’re using, you can slide the setting back from “fast” to “slow”.  Strongly recommended if you’re running a Hyper-V or VMware lab on your machine and don’t want it to reboot overnight following an update.

    In most cases, the Windows update shutdown process places the virtual guests into Saved/suspended mode beforehand.  So all you need to do is start them back up.  However, some configurations might not like being suspended like that.

  2. There are some quirks in this build relating to Hyper-V virtual switches, but the workaround seems to take care of it:  If you have multiple vswitches, remove all virtual network adapters associated with the switch, delete the switch and recreate it, adding the virtual NIC’s back.  Sucks, yes, but it works.
  3. The other “quirk” might be just my setup, but it affects wireless NIC access through the Hyper-V virtual switch interface.  Up to 14251, it seemed to hold onto the binding after reboots.  As of 14267, I can no longer reliably bind an external switch interface to my wireless NIC.  All of my local and virtual traffic has to go out through my single physical Ethernet port from my laptop.  I know that binding to a wireless interface is not ideal, but for periods when my laptop is being used like a desktop I’d like to be able to keep my network traffic isolated.   feh.
  4. On my primary laptop, when Outlook is open, the Calendar app sometimes loses its mind and keeps reminding me about an event, even after dismissing it a dozen or so times.  The solution is to close Outlook and reopen it.desk_spill_large

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