Yes.  A new book.  Newer.  Faster.  Sleeker.  Shinier.  And more energy-efficient.  It’s made from 100% pure, grass-fed, whole wheat, solar-powered electrons.  And it doesn’t contain any glutens or GMO’s.

What’s it about?  It’s all about how to apply the full range of your hard-earned skills and the full mental capacity towards the goal of breaking your IT environment.  What not to do.  I figured, there’s more than enough books on stupid things like how to do it better or how to do it properly.  Why aren’t there books on how not to do it?  Yeah.  I was surprised too.  Go figure.

So here it is.  Best of all: It’s only $2.99!  That’s cheaper than a latte. Link

It makes a great gift for family, friends and coworkers, particularly those who can’t read and don’t like books.  I’m not kidding, it’s for real.  And remember: every purchase goes towards keeping me away from joining ISIS.



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