I’m overdue for a “top 5” list,  so here goes.

Scripting seems more popular than ever. Along with it comes some interesting conversation about why exactly that is. There have been plenty of scripting languages and scripting  tools around for decades. Applications, servers and networks have been around for decades as well. So why now?

There’s more than one reason actually, and they converged at the right time.

Reason 1 –  API maturity. Vendors have put more work into building out their programmable capabilities across product lines and cloud services. The reasons for that also have many sources.

Reason 2 –  Social media.  There are now more ways to share more content with more people in more places requiring much less effort.

Reason 3 –  Coolness. It’s become more of a bragging point among nerd circles as to what they can script and how. A Rube Goldberg scenario is the most prized.

Reason 4 –  More capabilities. Along with maturity of languages and tools, there’s greater reach by way of expanded interfaces, features and the collective increase in overall potential. More products support being automated.

Reason 5 – Demand. More IT jobs incur automation requirements than ever before and automation is what script was built for.


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