This was the basic gist of the “pitch”, related to my previous post on this subject.  A few decisions are still pending, so nothing is completely “dead” just yet. As is typical, my employer gets “right of first-refusal”, as well as decision authority over personal endeavors.  Finger’s crossed.

This has been an ongoing project for years, with many child offspring in multiple environments.  However, it’s typically been one of those things where if it exists, and they try it out, they love it, but trying to explain it beforehand gets no love.  Then again, I’m not a salesperson.  I’d still have to polish up the code for packaging and release, but that’s not difficult; more of a matter of time.  This is my last attempt before I flush the code for good.


I also realize that “Run Reports Internally” is incorrectly marked. In addition to the above, there have been instances where custom interfaces were requested to LOB apps and other third-party vendor apps, such as ITSM and ITAM systems, etc.  Anyhow, the clock is ticking.


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