I still love spending time with people vastly smarter than I.  It’s awesome to be humbled by people who don’t take that for granted; who spend time mentoring those like me.  It’s like finding a new book with a great story.

My cat snores.  She purs also, but this is real snoring.  I never knew a cat could snore.

The combination of drug side effects (itchy chest cough, usually mild) and lack of sleep, can make the side effects incredibly more intense.  Bad night. Two hours of sleep.

I really love the sun.  I miss it.  I dream about it every cold, overcast day, and every cold, dreary night.

My dermatologist also loves it, that I love the sun.

The time span between shouting “hell yeah!!!” with a grin, to “oh shit.  what now?” when debugging code can be less than a second.


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