Intel Skylake Users Given 18 Months to Upgrade to Windows 10

According to the ArsTechnica article: Next generation processors, including Intel’s “Kaby Lake“, Qualcomm’s 8996 (branded as Snapdragon 820), and AMD’s “Bristol Ridge” APUs (which will use the company’s Excavator architecture, not its brand new Zen arch) will only be supported on Windows 10.

Next Intune Release to Add Windows 10 and Apple VPP Features

The next major update for Microsoft Intune (and part of EMS) will include more features for configuring Windows 10 BYOD scenarios, as well as Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) for business capabilities.

Windows 10 Servicing Options Explained

Microsoft has published details about servicing options for Windows 10, with an explanation of what servicing options are, and how each option differs.

Windows 10 Drives SCCM Upgrades

According to data released by Microsoft, a majority of enterprise customers are planning to complete their Windows 10 migrations by end of 2016.  Most customers also indicated that they upgraded their SCCM sites primarily to support Windows 10 deployments.

Windows Update for Business

Microsoft updated the information describing how the new Windows Update for Business, or “WUB” is positioned and how it differs from WSUS and Windows Update.


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