1. Beatles or Elvis?   Zappa
  2. Paper or Plastic?   Plastic
  3. Coffee or Tea?    Coffee
  4. Favorite City?  New York
  5. Your first programming language?  LISP
  6. Favorite Programming Language?  I can’t decide
  7. Democrat or Republican?  Neither
  8. Favorite Car Brand?  Subaru
  9. Favorite Military Weapon?   A Navy SEAL
  10. Access or SQL?  Don’t ever use the “A” word around me again!
  11. Your first job with a paycheck?  A record store in the mall
  12. Your Last job before IT?  Naval piping systems designer
  13. DC or Marvel?  Marvel
  14. Rare, Medium or Well Done?  Rare
  15. Most enjoyable paying job?  Musician (percussionist)
  16. Favorite Beer?  (tie) Dogfish 120, or Sam Adam’s Utopias
  17. Favorite type of Wine?  Malbec
  18. Automatic or Stick?  Stick
  19. Favorite sound?  My kids laughing together
  20. Favorite short quote?  Anything said by Yogi Berra, Dave Barry or Mark Twain

List every paying job type you’ve had, in chronological order:

Lawn care, Newspaper Delivery, gas station attendant, record store clerk, grocery stock boy, Restaurant dishwasher, [graduated high school] warehouse forklift driver, musician, paint mixer, insulator, spray coatings technician, draftsman, designer, husband, father, programmer, patent illustrator, [graduated college] systems administrator, systems engineer, solutions architect…

Want to play 20 questions as well?  Post a comment below.


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