If your company has an HR database of some sort, you can build a nice little process to update the Active Directory user accounts automatically, whenever HR makes a change.  This can be done very easily using PowerShell or VBScript code available at your friendly neighborhood Internet, and a few teaspoons of WhoopAss.  The recipe is further down…



  1. New hires
  2. Terminations
  3. Name changes
  4. Sex changes
  5. Promotions
  6. Demotions
  7. Forklift Accidents (who knows?)


  • Caffeine
  • A Computer with a keyboard and a monitor
  • A Text Editor
  • Fingers (if you don’t have any, chop off someone else’s)
  • Sugary snacks
  • The DSN for the HR database (if they won’t give it to you, blackmail one of their staff)
  • Task Scheduler (comes with Windows. Batteries not included)
  • PowerShell code (Google or Bing for terms shown below)


  1. Mix script code, DSN and Text Editor thoroughly with caffeine, sugar snacks and lots of smack talking.
  2. Pour into a 3 x 5 test environment, be sure to grease the pan first.
  3. Bake in the test lab oven at 24×7 degrees for a few days.
  4. Serve with a cup of coffee, an updated resume and your resignation letter, because now you can find a better paying job elsewhere.

Bonus Tips

  • Populate all the AD user account fields, like Department, Manager, and Job Title.  These can easily drive Visio organization chart wizards and make you look like a real application development sex god!
  • Whenever a coworker approaches your desk, be sure to smack keys extra loud and say things like “damn these microprocessor threads!”
  • Never drink cold coffee.  Cold coffee is for losers.  Winners drink coffee heated to precisely 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit and use welding gloves to grab the cup.

Helpful Search Terms

  • “powershell query database”
  • “powershell update AD user account”
  • “powershell task scheduler”
  • “vacation drinking naked”
  • “winning lottery numbers”



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