The “improvements” in 1511 are nice.  I won’t argue that.  However, with the “vNext” label, I know I’m not alone in thinking that it should imply a *major* overhaul (i.e. a bonafide major version release).  But in reality, the changes are pretty much with an “R3” step.  The UI by itself really didn’t change at all.  Some new options were added, and a few existing options were tweaked.  But the UI has not changed – period.


Anyhow, my first-world whiner list is still alive and well.  I’m sure some of these items will make some shake their head in disbelief or disgust, but viv’ la difference!

Still on my Santa list:

  1. A web console.  Like SCOM and Intune provide.  Like those I’ve built more times than I can drink into forgetville.  Having to deploy a client-side installation is so 1990’s.
  2. A cleaner UX.  The process of sewing together a new Application, Distribution, Collection, and Deployment needs serious surgery and a hot nurse to mend things.  The process of finding, filtering, saving and packaging updates, even with ADR’s is inefficient.
  3. The HTA installer needs to be taken out in a boat and Godfather’d in a lake.  Tell the kids uncle HTA moved to Florida.
  4. The PowerShell module needs to be decoupled from the console.  Completely separate.
  5. I could fill pages with gripes about the current console UI issues, and the many Microsoft UX rules it violates, but wishlist item #1 trounces that anyway.  And slapping more Bondo on that dented body is only buying time away from the inevitable.
  6. Treat CMtrace like a first class citizen.
  7. Organize the rollout process better.  The scattered bits and pieces from discoveries to various service accounts to client settings, all need some cohesively comprehensive “wizard”-TLC wrapped around it.  Every engineer I know keeps their own subjective checklist of what needs to be done.  Most of the steps are common across all implementations.
  8. OSD Task Sequence custom steps library.  I’d like to be able to save custom steps for reuse more easily.
  9. Connect the dots with system errors.  When OSD fails with error code 0x8008008008008xs0ssdr0092304908230498u203948023498, and there’s already TechNet content related to it, please pay some Starbucks-swilling kid to connect that up for more intuitive remediation capabilities?  Even a $5 web-service connection would be better than the current “do-it-yourself” web search alone.
  10. I forgot.  It’ll come to me the next time I’m using it and drinking too much coffee and start into my daily bitching session.

Happy New Year!


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