If you’re heading out into the Microsoft wildnerness, you may want to pack some essentials for the trip.  Every IT professional has their own list of tools and web sites.  Here’s mine.

  • An SSD with all the ammunition:
    • ISO files:
      • Operating Systems
      • Office
      • Utilities
    • Installers / Portables:
      • Code editors
      • Utilities (ADK, MDT, etc.)
      • Service Packs / Updates
    • Scripts / Documents
      • License keys
      • Lab-building scripts
  • A USB/SATA adapter cable for the SSD.  (note: Cloud storage is great, IF you have access to your cloud storage from every client environment.  I can’t count on that, so I carry my SSD)
  • A 4-port (or better) powered USB 3.0 hub
  • Spare USB thumb drives
  • USB wireless mouse
  • Cables:
    • Ethernet cable(s)
    • VGA and DVI display cable(s)
    • SATA3 connector
    • A 3-way power splitter, 3-prong grounded type, or compact power strip.
  • A compact eye-glasses screwdriver kit
  • My smartphone
    • Travel apps: Airlines, Weather, Food
    • Starbucks app
    • Games
    • Social media: Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc.
    • Netflix!!
    • Podcast app (update podcast episodes too)
  • My smartphone charger base and cable
  • Chewing gum or breath mints (to avoid killing your customers with coffee or RedBull breath)
  • Headphones or ear buds
  • Headset microphone

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