I spent the past week in an undisclosed top secret, clandestine shrouded location in eastern Washington state named Pullman.  Okay, that secret was blown.  In any case, I was out in the “area” perform consulting tasks in order to pay bills and make customers happy.  Here’s what I’ve amassed during the weeks leading up to this week and the week itself. (Note: Normally this would be somewhat sensitive information, but most other consultants at other firms are saying very similar things, so…)

  • A LOT of customers are eager to get to Windows 10.  I can’t overstate that enough.  This is much more significant, and much sooner than I’ve seen with Windows 7, which was much more than 8.x.
  • About half of them are also looking to upgrade their Office suite to Office 365.  The other half already have migrated.
  • Most customers are already on Azure AD or in the process of migrating.
  • Most System Center clients are seeking to 2012 R2 and the latest Service Pack and Cumulative what-have-you’s as well, with the primary goal of supporting Windows 10 deployments.
  • The interest in Microsoft Intune is increasing month by month.
  • The use of PowerShell is overtaking VBScript at an accelerated rate compared with prior months.  For example, in July-August, the average customer was actively working with both about equally.  Now however, most are shifting entirely into PowerShell, only touching VBScript when necessary.
  • Many customers are predominantly VMware fans, but the vast majority of them are giving Hyper-V serious consideration.

For what it’s worth – kirk, out.


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