Can anyone, who isn’t strung out on drugs, attempt to explain the rationale behind the decision to drop “Install-WindowsFeature” in Windows 10?  I understand what changed.  It’s the “why” it changed that leaves me feeling bad.

With so much emphasis (and lines of code) dedicated to “backwards compatibility” in Windows itself, let alone Office, Internet Explorer, and on and on, why break the pattern now?

If you’re going to cut the rope and throw a new line, why stop there?

Imagine what Windows would be like if all concern for backwards compatibility were ignored in favor of “optimal results”.

All duplication per interface channel (GUI, CLI, etc.) would be pruned.  Wow6432Node and SysWow64, gone.  “Program Files (x86)”, gone. Control Panel AND Settings, merge (really merge, not sort of).

(gritting teeth, looking for something to distract my ire)


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