I know it’s early, but I figured I’d beat the other folks who normally post this sort of thing around Christmas time.  My five (5) IT predictions for 2016.

  1. Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager will gradually morph into what is now Intune.  All Cloud (or mostly cloud).  The result will support on-premises server roles, hybrid app deployments, federated resource management and a web console.  This won’t reach fruition until after 2016 but the migration will begin in 2016.
  2. VMware will be sold to a major-name company for a large amount.  Something akin to how Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, or IBM and Lotus.
  3. Alphabet (parent of Google) will acquire a large, well-known tech company.  Probably a name easily recognized, rather than their typically more obscure acquisitions.
  4. US and EU governments will gain more legal backing to limit the use of encryption outside of government and military industrial needs.  Personal encryption will continue but will allow for an official backdoor for law enforcement and intelligence needs.
  5. Apple will experience some stock market ups and downs, but will end 2016 better off than 2015.  They will announce a radically different product offering, maybe a car, maybe not. But it will be something other than another desktop, laptop, tablet, set-top or phone.

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